Squadron Spotlight: Milena Selkirk

Milena Selkirk hit the ground running earlier this year with Squadron as our Associate Creative Director. She leads the creative motion graphics team tackling main titles and specialty pieces for our Netflix partners. Milena is originally from New York City and brings that East Coast work ethic to Squadron with tireless enthusiasm. With 10 years of experience, including her time as Art Director at Vayner Media, it’s no wonder she’s a powerhouse with creative direction here at ‘The Squad.’ Milena’s portfolio spans titles such as Veronica Mars, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Maya Rudolph Show, The Talk, and many others. She has a soft spot for retro typography, visual storytelling, and cats! We’re so happy to have her a part of the Squad.

Happy Earth Day!

In the time of COVID-19, making our production sets completely green comes with new challenges, but despite the newest hurdles, we’re encouraged to see new opportunities for eco-friendly practices on set and at home. As a production company, safety is always a priority for all of our employees and we also recognize the importance of reducing our carbon footprint. Our development in green initiatives continues to evolve, and as we grow that pursuit, we’ve committed to the following three tactics on all Squadron sets and in-office as a foundation for our efforts. 

  1. Make the switch to reusable PPE 

Disposable Masks and latex gloves are so easy to use but end up in our landfills and oceans. Using a reusable mask that is machine washable or rubber gloves that are able to be washed and disinfected are great substitutes.

  1. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaners 

It is important now more than ever to have cleaning supplies stocked but harsh chemicals have adverse effects on the environment. Using green products is a sure way to keep ourselves and the planet safe. 

  1. Correct Disposal of Food Packaging 

We take extra precautions on set to have safely separated food packaging for our employees. It is important to dispose of the packaging properly, by recycling anything we can. 

These are our three commitments with more to follow! Our planet needs us and we’re contributing today and everyday! 

The Road to Returning to Set

“Points! Points!” 

Picture this: there’s a long heavy pole coming through, expensive lighting, wiring everywhere and 100 people scrambling to get the perfect shot set up. There are normally so many things to consider when navigating production sets. It’s all about the perfect balance of getting a seamless set up and prioritizing safety. Now, in a post-COVID world there are even more factors at play. 

Most physical productions have been at a complete halt or modified to limit the amount of people on set. Now that things are slowly returning to normal, thanks to vaccines and overall COVID restrictions, physical production is picking up speed too!

One important new role to help ensure the safety of all on set is the: Covid Compliance Officer. These people do health screenings, sanitization, provide PPE, and oversee all departments to make sure every single cast and crew member is as safe as they possibly can be during their time on set.

Squadron has two Covid Compliance Officers on our core team, and a wealth of resources at our fingertips to create the safest set environment including electrostatic cleaning services, a ready-to-roll craft services plan that individualizes food offerings and keeps things socially distant,as well as, our nimble and flexible team who is ready to take on any challenge.

We’re excited to be back on set. We can’t wait to see you. 

Behind the Thread: Netflix’s ‘Worn Stories’

What’s the one item of clothing in your closet that you could never go without? Netflix’s newest documentary series explores the stories behind the clothes that make you feel like…well, you.

With that in mind, Squadron teamed up with Netflix’s Creative Studio team to design the main titles graphics for Worn Stories. We wanted to create a graphic approach that felt intimate and woven into the narratives the documentary explores.

“So much about who we are is stitched into the fabric that we wear everyday,” says one gentleman in the trailer, and you can see that same care given to the stitching in the main title GFX of the piece.

Worn Stories peeks into closets and drawers of everyday people to show the extraordinary ways their clothing plays a part in how they share themselves with the world. Each person featured shares the stories of how a piece of clothing marked a transformative moment in their life, so this show is sure to pull on your heart strings.

Squadron Spotlight

Squad Spotlight:

Tracy De La Rosa | Assistant Editor

Squadron’s success is fully reliant on the talent of our team. Every day, ‘the Squad’ turns out world-class creative with our partners, but all that imaginative expertise doesn’t stop when office hours end. Look no further than Allstar Tracy De La Rosa as proof.

We’re proud to congratulate Tracy for her being awarded the “Prestige Award for Best Editing” by the Vegas Movie Awards for her work on the short film “Ember.” Directed by Tim Lahr, the project centers around a desperate father forced to return to his past life of crime in order to save his dying daughter. The project has been scoring accolades at film festivals throughout the fall.

“Working with Tim was a time capsule of creativity and joy…I truly love my profession and that it allows me to bring others’ stories to life.”

Tracy is constantly honing her craft in and out of the office, and her dedication is emblematic of what makes this team great. Congratulations, Tracy! We can’t wait to see what you do next!

Xfinity Virtual Hangouts At Home

For the past several years, Squadron and Xfinity have spent weeks together constructing massive, outdoor living room spaces that have become the hot spot for A-listers to spend the afternoon during otherwise boring press junkets. Xfinity’s set is known as the place to be — just ask Anne Hathaway.  

This year, however, we opted to bring the Xfinity Hangouts Series home for a physically distanced but socially snug “hang” with your favorite celebs (and a peek at their homes). And while we miss the amenities of our in-person set pieces, we’ve traded our handshakes for hand sanitizer and pulled off candid interviews with the season’s hottest film & TV stars from the comfort of their couches. 

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Creative Partnership

Squadron partners with networks and companies of all sizes to be the Swiss Army Knife they need when internal teams are overloaded. One of our more renowned partners in this arena is Netflix. 

From internal post-production support to on-site and remote filming, Squadron’s relationship with Netflix’s internal marketing arm, Creative Production, spans verticals and time zones as we’ve collaborated with teams around the world. Our team is on standby at any moment to reflexively scale our efforts to respond to Netflix’s needs, and we look forward to working on more projects into the new year!

If your company could benefit from similar overflow support, please reach out to us at info@squadron.tv.

LEGO Masters Brick Tips – S1

Quarantined at home and need a new hobby after your attempt to become a Tik Tok influencer didn’t pan out? FOX’s LEGO Masters is the perfect lockdown show to inspire you to up your LEGO game and construct a masterpiece!

Squadron worked with FOX on Brick Tips, a digital series built around the show that will help you bring all your LEGO visions to life!

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90th Oscars

The Squad is counting down the days until the Oscars this year! We are so excited for the awards ceremony, and to see if our favorites go home with that iconic golden statue. From Jimmy Kimmel hosting, to the long list of presenters, the Squad cannot wait until March 4th! Good luck to all the nominees!

Xfinity: Inside the Magic of Pixar – Coco

The Squad had a great time working on this Xfinity piece for the new Pixar film “Coco”. It was so cool learn about the entire process of making this film and all the hard work that went into it. The Squad is so excited for everyone who made this film a reality and their Golden Globe award that was received last night! Congratulations!