Quarantined at home and need a new hobby after your attempt to become a Tik Tok influencer didn’t pan out? FOX’s LEGO Masters is the perfect lockdown show to inspire you to up your LEGO game and construct a masterpiece!

Squadron worked with FOX on Brick Tips, a digital series built around the show that will help you bring all your LEGO visions to life!

The Squad took the lead throughout the post-production process to craft easy-to-understand digital episodes, each accompanying an episode of the main LEGO Masters series. With Brick Tips, viewers can learn from the judges Jamie & Amy about how to execute building techniques from the show in their very own home. Though the first half of our post-production on this series was done in-house, we transitioned seamlessly to remote teams to see the season through. If your team is looking to craft the perfect web series despite lockdown, we’ve got the tools to help! Drop us a line at info@squadron.tv.

Check out all the episodes of Brick Tips on the LEGO Masters YouTube channel, and catch the main LEGO Masters series streaming on FOX, Amazon and Hulu.