What’s the one item of clothing in your closet that you could never go without?

Netflix’s newest documentary series explores the stories behind the clothes that make you feel like…well, you.

With that in mind, Squadron teamed up with Netflix’s Creative Studio team to design the main titles graphics for Worn Stories. We wanted to create a graphic approach that felt intimate and woven into the narratives the documentary explores.

“So much about who we are is stitched into the fabric that we wear everyday,” says one gentleman in the trailer, and you can see that same care given to the stitching in the main title GFX of the piece.

Worn Stories peeks into closets and drawers of everyday people to show the extraordinary ways their clothing plays a part in how they share themselves with the world. Each person featured shares the stories of how a piece of clothing marked a transformative moment in their life, so this show is sure to pull on your heart strings.