Tracy De La Rosa | Assistant Editor

Squadron’s success is fully reliant on the talent of our team. Every day, ‘the Squad’ turns out world-class creative with our partners, but all that imaginative expertise doesn’t stop when office hours end. Look no further than Allstar Tracy De La Rosa as proof.

We’re proud to congratulate Tracy for her being awarded the “Prestige Award for Best Editing” by the Vegas Movie Awards for her work on the short film “Ember.” Directed by Tim Lahr, the project centers around a desperate father forced to return to his past life of crime in order to save his dying daughter. The project has been scoring accolades at film festivals throughout the fall.

“Working with Tim was a time capsule of creativity and joy…I truly love my profession and that it allows me to bring others’ stories to life.”

Tracy is constantly honing her craft in and out of the office, and her dedication is emblematic of what makes this team great. Congratulations, Tracy! We can’t wait to see what you do next!