“Points! Points!”

Picture this: there’s a long heavy pole coming through, expensive lighting, wiring everywhere and 100 people scrambling to get the perfect shot set up. There are normally so many things to consider when navigating production sets. It’s all about the perfect balance of getting a seamless set up and prioritizing safety. Now, in a post-COVID world there are even more factors at play.

Most physical productions have been at a complete halt or modified to limit the amount of people on set. Now that things are slowly returning to normal, thanks to vaccines and overall COVID restrictions, physical production is picking up speed too!

One important new role to help ensure the safety of all on set is the: Covid Compliance Officer. These people do health screenings, sanitization, provide PPE, and oversee all departments to make sure every single cast and crew member is as safe as they possibly can be during their time on set.

Squadron has two Covid Compliance Officers on our core team, and a wealth of resources at our fingertips to create the safest set environment including electrostatic cleaning services, a ready-to-roll craft services plan that individualizes food offerings and keeps things socially distant,as well as, our nimble and flexible team who is ready to take on any challenge.

We’re excited to be back on set. We can’t wait to see you.